Head of department:

Bazarova Saodat Djamalovna

Phone: (0436) 223-27-17;

Cellular  (+ 998 91) 334-07-71


In 2018, Navoi State Mining Institute established a department for the supervision of the quality of education.


The main task of the department, as an integral part of the quality management system of education, is to provide the high quality of education that  concerns the requirements of state educational standards and to implement targeted and coordinated measures for monitoring the effectiveness of the educational process at the institute.


Main tasks and functions of the department are followings:


 - expertise and expertise of educational programs as well as specialities with state educational standards (SES), qualification requirements, training programs and scientific programs;

- studying the quality of the educational process, the availability of educational sources and materials;

- studying and analyzing students' knowledge of SES;

- ensure the implementation of normative and legal acts aimed at improving the quality of education;

- monitoring the quality of training;

- monitoring indicators of the quality of education and submitting proposals to the relevant structural units for identified problems and shortcomings;

- to analyze the effectiveness of modern methods and methods for improving the qualifications of teachers that can be useful for improving the quality of education;

- monitoring of the educational process, implementation of research and scientific and methodological work plans;

- analyze the material and technical base of the educational process, and make proposals for its development and improvement;

- participate in the process of determining and evaluating the university's rank in accordance with the appointment of the State Inspectorate, as well as attestation and quality of education;

- conducting sociological surveys among students, parents, teachers on a regular basis to study the social environment of the institution;

- take measures to increase the rating of the Institute at the international level in cooperation with the leadership of the higher educational institution and take an active part in the implementation.