Social protection

Rules for calculating salaries and bonuses

The salary is based on the approved staffing tables, orders of the organization for hiring, dismissal and transfer in accordance with tariffs, basic working hours in the form of 421 and the salary account.

Temporary disability, maternity leave and maternity benefits are often deducted from the actual wage of the employee.

The real wage based on the calculation of pensions represents the total amount of wages for which insurance premiums are paid.

All types of wages that are taken into account when calculating pensions, including monthly bonuses that are paid this month, are added to the wages not based on their actual time, but at the time they are accrued.

The current calendar for six calendar working weeks for each calendar year, approved by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Uzbekistan and published in the manner prescribed by law, to calculate the amount of paid vacation. The average daily wage is calculated by dividing the average number of working days per year.


Awarding is planned for 14% of the payroll