Secondary school No. 53 in the village of Kattasaydov of the citizen community of makhalla “Tarakkiyot” of the Payaryk district of the Samarkand region was built in 1969. Today, this school has acquired a new look.Thereby, this educational institution will open its doors in a two-storey building from the new school year. These days, when construction work is underway at a rapid pace, school pupils received a gift in the form of a collection of over 100 books from KuvandikSanakulov-the general director of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the rector of the Navoi State Mining Institute.

- “Our book fund was 460 copies,” said the head of the school’s library, ShakhnozaBurieva. - Due to the action initiated by the President of our country, the school’s book fund has become much more.

- “We are very pleased that most of these books are rare works,” noted the school director AbdunazarTurobov. - Most of all we were pleased that among them is the work “Mineralology” by the great scientist Abu Raykhon Beruniy. Since it was first translated and published in Uzbek.

During the book transfer ceremony, there was a conversation about the role of reading books in a person’s life, the tastes of today's readers and published works of art.