Roundtable on "Rules of fire safety"

Teachers of the department "Life Safety" of Navoi State Mining Institute Rabbimov X.T. Urunova X. Sh. and on November 22, 2018, the students of "Student Housing" held a roundtable on "Rules of fire safety" by Urinova H.Sh. At the roundtable, Khasanov Fazil, the head of the Department of ITU and Kodirova Oltinoy, a pedagogue of the faculty participated. During the roundtable, the students living in the dormitory were informed about the measures to prevent the emergence of fire, the causes of the fire, the material damage caused. The "Student Housing" was introduced to the fire safety rules, the rules of use of the fire safety section, and explained the rules for the use of primary firearms. The roundtable was held in a wide array of opinions and discussions.