"Defend the homland is the of every person"

At the spiritual and educational event dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the Armed Forces, the "Defend the homland is the of every person", the youths love to the Homeland, the commitment to the ideas of independence, the military patriotism, and the desire to protect the Motherland in the national army.

The exciting laughs of the "Cheerful and resourceful" team of the Energo-Mechanical Faculty of the Institute were demonstrated.

During the event, the song "Salоm ona" ("Letter of the soldier"), the song "Mother’s  Prayer  save the Motherland" were performed by Kuziev Odilbek, student  of the group 7 B-17. 34051 military personnel demonstrated their artistic performance. The song "Hayolim senda" was performed by the student of Mining faculty Badushkin Azat. the Motherland  was honored by the soldiers and officers of the Navoi city military unit 34051.

Today's peaceful and prosperous life is being safely protected by the Armed Forces of our country, and it is worth every effort to honor our dear compatriots, who are carrying out such a serious duty and who are dependent on the stability of our development.

Our sky is clear, our country is peaceful and prosperous, because our Armed Forces' guardians are protecting the borders of our homeland!